Let’s get engaged to our own self !

Let’s get engaged to our own self !

What a beautiful day!

what a beautiful day
How to enagage on online affiliate program!

You must be asking? What does this crazy story have to do with this business?

I’d say it’s all about the best of all life’s businesses, and I’ll tell you, then.

A little about me so you can understand, enjoy the journey by visiting me here, and I hope I’m serving you with something to inspire you, at least, and just for today!

I always used to push myself for several reasons:

1) I used to believe it wasn’t good to focus on something enough to make things right.

2) I used to believe I had to do what most people do to be successful, and that success was happiness.

3) I used to believe that I would be more of a collection of failures.

4) I even felt like falling into the biggest self-judgment one can have just to convince me that my life was worthless.

Engaging with ouselves and all around!
Where we perceive as shadow can hold our treasures!

I could never do one thing all at once, and my curiosity for more was almost becoming a weapon against me, and it was like an addiction, an obsession, and it just kept growing. In other words, the kind of life I lived at was intense, and difficult, because I created it! And everything I did, I did out of love, even though I didn’t know where that part of me was going. As my mother used to say: we come to earth to have a child, write a book, plant a tree. I never forgot it. I did it all! So, I thought: ‘I was done!’  And I didn’t realize it was part of my growth, she should be right, but it was just part of me!

However, I know today where this crazy way of being brought me. That was just part of who I am, and I needed to find a way for myself. I’m still on the road! I created the way to do things differently, but never repeating the same mistakes against myself, but first loving myself as I am and doing things with balance!

Yes, live life with balance. Balance can make you last long, and it brings you success!

As today, I had my full day, I will continue to do my best to achieve my goals, and feel good and happy, so that I can be of better service every day! I’m finding the tracks I need to follow. Tracks where I’ll be in shape and walking nice and easy. I started early, as usual, and ticked all my boxes, including a nice relaxing time to have lunch under a tree, in one of the most beautiful parks nearby, on my way home after my training meeting for my volunteer work, which I will be doing in parallel with my studies, and working on my new Affiliate Marketing project.

What a beautiful day! Blog!
We always need time to recharge our energies in our enviornment.

Does it sound a little confusing? I’m trying to say here that there are a lot of people out there looking for ‘how to get involved in an online affiliate program’ like I was before I got here. I found a great place to land this new adventure, but I wouldn’t be happy if I couldn’t add something to it. I would love to help you first and/or in the meantime also to engage with yourself like I did and make a living with accomplishments and success. Maybe it helps you to realize that we attract what we are. I am already successful for being who I am! And for been here!  I’m living life to the full as I live it, and all I’ll be attracting is bonuses!

what a beautiful day! blog
Nature heals and help us to go back to balance!

As David Thoreau said, “Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it eludes you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit gently on your shoulder…” Let’s us discover more together!  I add here: with love, passion, joy and a spirit of service. For this guarantees us the passage to happiness! Thanks for visiting my journey, and welcome if you ever want to come back! I will be sharing more.

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