My story with the Wealth Affiliate Platform

My story with the Wealth Affiliate Platform

How did I engage with the Wealth Affiliation?

I see myself as an eternal student. It has been for a long while I follow and learnt a bit along my life’s jorney up to here. O! I have to be brave and admit that I spent some money, I cannot tell you how much, but I can ensure you that my journey was not different of many with scams, high prices of training online courses, and so on. I had not taken the figures, as it was all part of our learning curve in all aspects of life. I see money and energy as a alike currencies. The other reason is that what is passed is passed and it is not going to generate me what I want mow. So, here we go!

The best of it? I learned my lessons to get here.

I was checking on two guys which I have been learning a lot with them. It does not matter here their names now. They are real. So real, and big guys on the niche of affiliation marketing programs, out there. They are already mastering the marketing affiliation online business. The only thing is that their programs were too expensive for me to start with. My budget as student, attending Uni at the moment, as well, is bit to low to affort big cost of training programs. Not to say that they are not worthy. Absolutely not! They are worthy. It was quiet disencouraging at that moment. However, even though my experience, the bad ones dealing with scams, also taught me things, then I jumped on searching if someone where not using those guys names to trying to scam people on the internet.

What a great thing that happened!!!

I found someone who was so good and ‘classy’ speaking about those guys’s program and training that I instantly felt the energy of trust, as an old fox in that jungle, first I did not believe on what I found. I immediatly followed that thread. Talking about thread and knowing as you do in here, check more about right now: I was yet skeptcal, to believe on those kind and so pro words! As an old say from cultural back ground: dogs bitten by snake is afraid of sausages! So, it took as long as few seconds to me to jump on that link and figure it out.

What did I figure out?

To anyone interested in this story of mine I tell: It has been around a month, I am here writing this first post, after my first part of training and I cannot believe that is so real, EXCITING, and no one scammed me!!!! I started on free membership and it lasted for few minutes. I figure it out: How much training I can get for such an affordable investiment! Of course in terms of money. I could not resist that I found such a efficient and supportive community that is 24/7 there for new members, and with so much people helping us. That makes me more excited, because I cannot wait to grow within this business and be able to give it back helping people to enjoy the same Wealth and great life’s perspectives and sustainable business for the life time. Wealth Affliliate Platform can give to people like me, more than we thought that was possible, and if you check it close you will see for yourself. It is really for people from all sort of life seeking for Affiliate Marketing online business.

What do we have to do?

Well, I feel passionate by online business. I am interested in grow my passion online. Who has not a passion? Who would not grasp an opportunity to learn from the basics, step by step as the Wealth Affiliation Program training does? Yes we need determination, devotion, and feel good doing it, but we needed destination, and as I did, here it is: not preaching any longer, but sharing with you what I found, tested and I am enjoying the jorney. Since now and on: I wish to all of us the best of success and jhoy throught the learning jorney: . Moreover, I don’t think about to do it just to make money, with is fantastic! I do not deny it. But think of the positive factors and the transparence that we can see for ourselves through this platform. As Lavoisier said sciences if proved by facts. So, economics, of course! And we are just finding a community that we can see, check and realise that is a great opportunity to act up on it and make things to happen.

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